**We ask that you leave your canine companion at home for this seminar**

  1. ​​Being Proactive

           What information you should have on hand before anything happens to you or your dog

          What you should stock in your first aid kit

  2. Dog Bite Prevention

          How to PROPERLY greet a dog

          How to determine the difference between a friendly and un-friendly dog body language

          What to do when dogs are interacting and they change from friendly to not friendly

  3. State and Local Dog Laws

          Where to find information on:
              > Leash laws
              > Dog bites
              > Dog ownership

  4. Loose Dogs

          Getting to know those who roam your neighborhood

          What steps to take to deal with the off-leash dogs.Who to call or notify.

  5. Dog Parks



  6. Protecting Yourself from a Dog Attack

          What can you carry with you to stop a charging dog

          When you are alone

          When you have your dog with you

  7. What to do if You ARE Attacked

          What you can carry to stop an attack in progress
               >  When YOU are being attacked
               >  When your dog is being attacked

          What authorities need to be contacted and how to find them in your community

          What process to follow whether you are attacked by an on-leash or off-leash dog

          What you should do if you only witness an attack

          Where to find your closest Emergency Veterinarian (for your pet)

          Where to find your closest Emergency Room (for you)

          What information to obtain from the owner of the attacking dog (if the owner is known)

          What happens when you don’t know if the dog is vaccinated and YOU have been attacked

  8. What to do if YOUR DOG attacks someone

          In your house

          In your yard

          Off-leash and off your property

          On-leash and off your property

To Sign up, please click here.   Your spot in the seminar is not guaranteed until you pay for it.  The seminar is $15 per person.

This seminar is $15 per person (2 hours, humans only)


     The good weather is here!  With nice weather comes renewed life and unseen dangers.  While you may be looking forward to the lockdown ending so you an go on more walks with your dog, other people are looking forward to the good weather to let their dogs roam free.  Many of those dogs are not friendly with other dogs, because they are not socialized and they are territorial.  Learning how to prevent, manage, and defend yourself during an off-leash dog attack is a must!  The PAWS Training Group offers a Dog Safety Seminar to help you with this exact problem. 

     Learning to protect yourself against charging and attacking dogs is not as difficult as it sounds.  It starts with being able to remain calm because you are educated and have developed a game plan for the time when you have may be faced with this problem.  PAWS wants to make sure that you are more than equipped with information on how to prevent a dog attack, what to do when you are attacked, and proper greeting rituals for dog-dog and human-dog interactions. Most of all, keeping yourself, your family, and your pets safe from on-leash or off-leash charging/attacking dogs.

This seminar covers the following topics:   (Shari will be demonstrating these topics using her own dogs)

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