Training Camps

With your vacation

​coming up, it is a great

​time to send your dog to

​camp! See our Training
page for info!

No dog is too old, too small,

or too young to start training.

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(508) 414-7017

Does your dog have behavioral issues?

PAWS can help you withany and all behavioral issues that you may have with your dog, From aggression & anxiety, or just puppy issues.Give PAWS a call to see what we can do for you.


PAWS offers more

than just classes. 

Check out our


for more information.

We have instituted a new information system!  

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 There will not be any classes: 

Saturday, February 3

              March 3

Obedience V is coming soon!

The PAWS Training Group

Obedience is just a click away.

​PAWS will be offering 

classes on Wednesday nights, starting May 2!

Check our calendar for more information.

Check out our

Socialization Class!

Held most

Saturdays from

​11am-12 pm &

Tuesdays 7-8 pm