The PAWS Training Group will be hosting several levels of Nosework Classes, starting Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 7pm.  Please scroll down for the different levels of Nosework Classes.  All participants MUST pass each level to continue on to the next level.  Skipping one level can cause confusion for the handler and dog.  Practice is EXTREMELY important.  You are required to work with your dog on a regular basis.  The class is fast tracked, so if you can't dedicate the time to practice than this is not the class for you.  This class is $150 and 5-weeks.  

To sign up for a class and to reserve your spot in the class, please click here.  Your spot in the class is not confirmed until you sign up.  IF you can't sign up online, please  contact Shari from PAWS, 508-414-7017.

Reminder:  Only one round of each class will be offered.  They will all be held on Thursday nights at 7 pm, only.  Please commit to being available the entire series of classes.  Missing one class can throw off your progress and put you behind the other handler/dog teams in class. 

Nosework Classes

What Is Canine Nosework?


This class will be closed off with a total of 6 dogs ONLY.  First come, first serve.  Please sign up in advance.  Spots will not be guaranteed until the class is paid for. 

Canine Nosework is a fun search and scenting activity that all dogs and people can enjoy. The sport was created to provide an opportunity for the companion and sport dog to have an outlet for their natural hunting and scenting abilities. In this sport, the dog uses their nose to locate a target scent or odor. This is not tracking, it is odor detection. The advantage of the sport is that it can be done just about anywhere. Don’t know how to exercise your dog when it is freezing outside or when we have 100 º temperatures? Canine Nose Work is the answer! 

It starts by getting your dog excited about using his nose to find their favorite toy or food hidden in one of several boxes. As your dog becomes more confident with his nose, the game expands to entire rooms, exterior areas, and vehicles. Advanced Canine Nosework focuses on increasing your dog's scenting skills by adding special target odors to search for and searching in many different places.

  • Every dog has a natural ability to succeed and have fun with Canine Nose Work!
  • No prior training is needed.
  • Shy, fearful or reactive dogs can have fun because the dogs are kept separated and the games are played one dog at a time.
  • High-energy dogs burn calories and energy while they hunt.
  • Search games utilize physical and mental energy.
  • Aging or disabled dogs use their nose and brain power to play the hunt game at their own pace.

Canine Nosework helps to build the dog’s confidence, reduce environmental sensitivities, and provide mental and physical exercise through teamwork. The nose work game teaches the handler how to read their dog and build a team relationship while having lots of fun.

The dogs get their own individual time in class, they do not interact with or play with each other. This class is good for dogs who have reactivity disorders or have confidence issues and for handlers who need a boost in confidence when handling their dog.

Canine Nosework was not developed or intended as a foundation program for any kind of professional detection work. Professional police and military Canine Units go through extensive training. Canine Nosework was inspired by the model of these working detection dogs.

There are 5 levels to this series of classes.  This series of classes showcase your dog's amazing capabilities and intelligence. 

Canine Nose Work should always be about having fun with your dog!!!

Level I: Introduction to Hunting (Reward Food/Toys)

Level I is where we build the dog's desire to hunt using modern methods of positive reinforcement while simultaneously training the handler how to read their dog's unique hunting behaviors and to pick up on those subtle signals that communicate to the handler that the dog is "working scent." (5-week session)

Level II:  Introduction to Different Search Venues (Reward Food/Toys)

Level II is where we continue to build the dog’s desire to hunt using modern methods of positive reinforcement while introducing the dog to different search venues.  We also will continue to train the handler how to read their dog’s unique hunting behaviors and to pick up on those subtle signals that communicate to the handler that the dog is “working scent.”  Dog teams enrolled in Level II must have completed Level I.  (5-week session)

Level III: Introduction to Odor-Birch (Pairing Reward/Odor)

Level III is where we not only strengthen the dog’s natural hunting abilities and the working relationship developing between you and your canine partner but we also communicate to the dog that one of the three specific target odors, essential oil of birch, is what we want the dog to hunt for. As many of the handlers participating in our K9 Nosework Classes will want to go on to compete with their dogs, the three target odors that we will be using are the essential oils of anise, clove and birch. Dog teams enrolled in Level III must have completed Level II.  (5-week session)

Level IV: Introduction to Odor-Anise/Clove (Pairing Reward/Odor)

Level IV is where we introduce the dog to the remaining two target odors, essential oils of anise and clove. Additionally, we will continue to work on your handling skills and the dog’s ability to independently and reliability hunt for all three target odors. Dog teams enrolled in Level IV must have completed Level III and must exhibit certain minimum proficiency skills in finding the initial target odor.  (5-week session)

Level V: Different Scenting Venues (Odor)

Level V is where we continue to increase both the dog’s “dedication” to hunting for the target odors and the handler’s and the dog’s ability to work together as a team in solving progressively more challenging search problems. Dog handling techniques for on- and for off-leash work as well as search strategies will be discussed in these classes. Dog teams enrolled in Level V must have completed Level IV and must exhibit certain minimum proficiency skills in finding the remaining two target odors.  (5-week session)