Positive Adaptation Wellness Strategy

     If your dog is aggressive or reactive towards other dogs, it could be for a number of reasons.  Some are frustrated greeters, some have experienced trauma, some have not been socialized properly, or they just need help learning how to be confident and comfortable around other dogs.  This book has been designed to help walk you through how to help them learn how to "speak dog" all over again.  This step-by-step book is packed with instructions to assist you in understanding what drives your dog and how to start with their rehabilitation.  From learning to socialize, through how to properly meet dogs again.

     This book was developed over 6 years of hands-on experience during the rehabiliation of my own dog, and with assisting my clients with their dog's reactivity disorders.  This system walks you through learning theory,  reading your dog's body language (so you can predict their behavior), how to desensitize them to their triggers, and so much more!  Using positive reinforcement, coupled with humane corrections and rule changes, can make all the difference to your dog when it comes to building a trust and respect relationship between you and your dog.

     This book will help guide you through the journey of helping your dog change the way they view the world so that you can enjoy every moment you have with them. 

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Paperback Price $9.99

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Also available at Dave's Pet City in Ludlow, MA

Paperback Price $16.99

                                                               Also available at Dave's Pet City in Ludlow, MA

Kindle Price $9.99

Because of the content of this book, even pet parents that have dogs who are not dog-reactive have found this book helpful due to the information on general training cues, body language and calming signals, and socialization instructions. 


If you are looking for advice on how to choose the perfect dog for you and your family, this book was written just for you! Matching a dog’s activity level with the activity level of your family is very important. If you live a sedentary lifestyle and bring home a high-energy puppy, the results can be disastrous! The only way to avoid the potential conflict is to educate yourself and use your new knowledge to pick the best breed for you.

Paperback Price $ 13.99  

                                                           Also available at Dave's Pet City in Ludlow, MA
Kindle Price $9.99


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