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Serious Behavior Training Camp


30 Calendar Days

For PUPPIES and DOGS 4 months and older. This camp is 30 calendar days and is designed to help modify any SERIOUS behavioral problems your dog has.

What is a serious behavior problem?

Behaviors such as:

  • Lunging at people on the leash
  • Fighting or resisting the leash 
  • Territorial behavior towards people or dogs 
  • Marking behavior 
  • Prey drive towards people or animals
  • Mouthing so hard that they break the skin
  • Serious uncontrolled barking issues
  • Serious separation anxiety
  • Insecurity or shyness
  • Possessive behavior (resource guarding) 
  • Serious destructive behavior, such as ripping siding off your house) 
  • Biting, resulting in injury
  • Dogs who display aggressive responses
  • Dogs that have been kicked out of other programs or daycare.
  • Snapping at other dogs/people.
  • Uncontrollable growling
  • Sleep aggression
  • Fear aggression
  • Submissive biting
  • Submissive urination
  • Learned biting behaviors
  • Dogs who become over-stimulated that turn aggressive because of it.
  • Dogs who need heavily supervised socialization with dogs/people.

What happens during training camp?

Your puppy/dog will receive as many formal training sessions  they need over the course of the 30 days your puppy/dog stays with us. The formal training sessions are to introduce your puppy/dog to new commands or to meet any formal training needs your puppy/dog may have. The rest of the time your puppy/dog is with us, we will work on behavior modification most of the day. Your puppy/dog will learn to be crated and restricted between each training session.

This training camp will be a life altering event, using positive reinforcement methods. When we return your dog to you, you will have the first of your 2 home follow-up appointments. You should plan on this first appointment being 2 hours. We will go over the report with you, demonstrate, teach you, and answer all of your questions. The second appointment will be scheduled for 7-10 days later. We are on call 24 hours for all your questions via phone or email. You will also receive a copy of Shari’s book; P.A.W.S. Positive Adaptation Wellness Strategy, a whole life rehabilitation program for dog-reactive-dogs.

What do I need to provide for training camp?

  • If your puppy/dog is due for flea/tick or heartworm preventative, you will be required to provide at your cost.
  • A Copy of your vaccine records from your veterinarian. First 2 sets of puppy shots are required before training camp can begin. Distemper, Parvo, Parainfluenza, Hepetitis, and Kennel Cough (Bortadella) is REQUIRED for all ages, no exceptions! Rabies required for dogs over 5 months.
  • Ample food for your puppy/dog. Please include written instructions as to what kind of food you feed your puppy/dog, how much, and how often you feed your puppy.
  • Enrollment fee is due the day training camp starts. Check, money order, cash, and credit cards* are accepted. *When paying by credit, a processing fee will be applied.
  • Do not worry about crate, blankets, or toys for your puppy. Those things will be provided.

How do I sign my puppy/dog up for training camp?

Call Shari at 508-414-7017, or email her at to discuss specifics and book your week with her. These camps are a first-come-first-serve basis. Shari only takes ONE training camp dog at a time. Consider the training camp when you are going on vacation but there is no limit as to when the camp will be scheduled. Contact Shari right away!