Dog Sitting

$30 per Calendar day *

We offer dog sitting services for our clients and students. Your dog will live with us, in our house, and take part in all of the activities that our own dogs do. Please refer to our Dog Sitting Policies page for more detailed information.

* Any portion of a calendar day is considered a whole day. 

Please contact us for more information on any of our services.

In-Home General Training

$100 / hour

This option is for pet parents who would like specialized training in their home or neighborhood. Examples of this type of session would be (but not limited to) Off-Leash Training, Come When Called, Loose Leash Walking, Door Dashing, and/or House Manners.

In-Home Behavior Modification

$100 /hour

This option is for pet parents who need help with behavioral issues within their home. This type of session is geared towards severe behavioral issues, such as Anxiety and Aggression. We will never turn away a client in need. PAWS has never given up on a client and we will exhaust all options to achieve a positive outcome. We will work with you until you are satisfied with the results using Positive Reinforcement Methods.  The initial visit is a consultation which includes observation, pet parent discussion, and creation of the Behavior Modification Plan (step-by-step guide to your dog’s rehabilitation. This is customized for each dog).

Service Packages

Service packages are now available through PAWS.  Our packages are a combination of helpful services at a discount price*. Please check out our package deals before you register and purchase a single class.  Please read the details of each package and contact us to reserve your package.  Each package comes with a "continuing services clause", where the purchaser will continue to receive a 15% discount on all classes (excluding Socialization Classes) for the term of  ONE YEAR from the date of package purchase.  

Click here for more information on the types of service packages we offer.

Training Camps

The PAWS Training Group offers 3 different residential Training Camps.  You can find more information on our Training Camps by clicking here.

The PAWS Training Group

Obedience is just a click away.


Group Classes

Held at Dave's Pet City, 433 Center St., Ludlow, MA (413) 583-2904

We teach group classes at Dave's Pet City in Ludlow, MA. For more information on any of our group classes, please see the Classes at Dave's Pet City page for a breakdown of the classes, schedule, and information on enrolling.

Held at Greenbriar Recreational Area, 581 Main Street, Oxford, MA 01540

During the good weather, teach group classes at the Greenbriar Recreational Area in Oxford. 

We will post a schedule of these classes and other workshops we offer when available.  Please check back for more information.