Individual Class: Come when you want, but please remember to register prior to attending.  You can also pay as you go, our Socialization class is only $5 each time. Vaccine information must be brought to each of these classes.


What is Socialization Class?

This class is an on-leash socialization class.  Leashed and vaccinated dogs are welcome.

Very Important:

If your dog shows signs of aggressive behavior towards dogs or people, socialization class is NOT the answer. Please contact PAWS for one-on-one help.

Many dogs will enjoy being in the middle of a group of dogs and people. Other dogs are not comfortable with this.  If you have any doubt that your dog may be nervous, please contact PAWS for a consultation prior to attending class. 

Safety is our #1 concern.  We take pride knowing that we can keep your furkids safe while they interact with others.  This includes your dog too.

If you have any questions about our Socialization Classes, please give Shari a call at 508-414-7017 or email her at

Socialization Classes

We love contests!

When you have used all the classes on your card, turn your card in to a member of our staff, and you are automatically entered into a drawing to win 5 more classes (a $25 value!)  

The drawing for free classes is held every quarter during the first scheduled socialization class of the quarter. 

We also hold several costume parties where the best costume wins prizes.  We schedule about one a quarter.  You can find more information about these costume contests below.

Socialization classes offer more than just play. They teach your dog boundaries with humans and other dogs. Being social is the most important aspect of being a dog. Learning different play styles with different dogs can you’re your dog become a well-rounded member of your family.  Come wear out your dog’s energy and learn how to read their body language!

Our socialization classes require registration before arriving for class. 

You may still purchase a punch card.  You will still be required to register for each socialization class from week to week.  No exceptions to this rule.  

You can purchase each class individually, or you can purchase punch cards.  The cards come in 2 denominations; 5 classes and 10 classes.  If you buy 10 classes, you get one free.  We recommend that you start out with one class and see how your dog does.  As soon as you are sure your dog will enjoy themselves, you can purchase a card, if you so choose.

To sign up for a Socialization Class,

Please click here.

When?  Most Saturday mornings from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.  * Check calendar for list of dates the classes will not be available.
                     Tuesday nights from 7-8 pm

Where?  At Smithland Supply, 433 Center Street, Ludlow, MA 01056

$5 per class for each dog.