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Training Camps

What is “Training Camp”?

Training Camps are designed around the specific needs of your dog. The Training Camp is a “board and train” program where your dog stays overnight, for a predetermined time, to receive real-life behavior training.

In over 20 years of working with dogs, PAWS understands how much you love your dog and only want what is best for them. That is why all Training Camp dogs are kept in Shari’s house, so they can benefit from around-the-clock direction as well as companionship of other dogs and humans in an environment that a kennel cannot replicate. Your dog does not live in a kennel, so why train them that way? Your dog lives in your house, with you and your family. It makes sense to train them in the same distraction rich environment.

Our training method has been built on a positive reinforcement platform. Food, affection, or play are our main rewards we offer to you dog. Your dog decides what is the most motivating for them. We combine positive reinforcement with corrections given at the right moment. We do not need to use adverse methods to get our results, dogs naturally respect our methods and learn quickly from them. This makes it easier to transition back to your house with minimum effort.

Even if you have had dogs your whole life, every dog responds differently to training.

Have you:

  • Tried training your dog yourself, unsuccessfully?
  • Done treat based training but find your dog will not respond unless you have a treat in your hand?
  • Have tried Cesar Milan’s method but your dog doesn’t respond, or has bit you?
  • Read books or the internet and thought you could handle training your dog?
  • Tried private training in your home, or at a facility but have not had success?
  • Done nothing, hoping it would resolve itself?


  • Your dog spends more time in the crate or backyard than in your house with you and your family? 
  • Walking your dog is difficult because you can’t handle them?
  • Your dog tunes you out and doesn’t listen?
  • Your dog is an obedience class or daycare drop-out?
  • Your dog has been labeled as “difficult” or “untrainable”?

Regardless of the reason for your dog needing training camp, we have a camp that is right for you and your dog and we will not judge you for the things you have tried in the past.

There are no breed or size restrictions for our training camps.

We offer the following Training Camps: